The Jewelry

In a world relentless with distractions and stress, Medicine for the Soul offers jewelry that will call you to sacred space. Stones and crystals have been used as healing tools since the dawn of civilization, and Medicine for the Soul continues this in our time.

The jewelry is designed and hand-made by me in my home in the hills of the Applegate Valley, in Southern Oregon. I carefully choose natural stones from all over the world for their metaphysical properties, vibrancy, and beauty.

Ten percent of all profits go to causes supporting humanitarian, animal rights and environmental protection. Organizations are screened with Charity Navigator.

Available here & in my personal studio:
Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville OR 541-899-8721 Call for appointment & directions.

Please visit my Blog for more info on this one of a kind jewelry & discounts. 

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Some of the world’s finest treasures from the plant kingdom are enchanting essential oils which can be used to assist us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To learn more about sustainably harvested oils and  about the proper uses of essential oils and plant based medicine feel free to contact me.

Please inquire about the Aromatherapy Introduction and Application classes  offered.


My intention is to create tools to help people reconnect with the sacredness of everyday life.
Lee Showerman

Lee Showerman

Lee Showerman was born and raised in New Jersey, became a Registered Nurse and also served in the U.S. Air Force National Guard for ten years. While working for over a decade as an Intensive Care Unit nurse, she studied African drumming and dance. Since 1995, she has devoted herself to the study of African, Native American and Classical Chinese healing methods. The depth of her past experiences and current studies of Ayurvedic medicine, floral and herbal remedies, and Tibetan Buddhism all inform her Medicine for the Soul jewelry creations.